Welcome to our members only peer-to-peer leadership mastermind community!

We are dedicated to helping each other work and lead better.

The discussions are available on The Playground Discourse portal, an open-source industry leading discussion board. 

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The process

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Gain access to our leadership mastermind community

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Tap into the power of the collective. 

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Offer tips, make suggestions, and share challenges. 

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Try to understand the process others are using. 

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Test systems, make changes, and build on experiences.


If you would like to learn more about the process details, please click on "+" next to READ MORE to learn how everything works. 

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Engage in a discussion. Some potential topics:

  • how to make team members feel valued,
  • how to make their work really matter,
  • how to focus on what you do best,
  • how to adopt new work habits,
  • how to navigate a toxic work environment
  • how to eliminate sexual harassment,
  • how to create a culture that cares,
  • how to receive constructive feedback,
  • how to implement strategic moves with new ideas,
  • how to work better in teams,
  • how to tell better stories with data,
  • how to be more productive in less time,
  • how to take time to recharge, and
  • anything you can think of related to leading better.

Post details about your process

  • What are you trying to change?
  • Why this is important to you?
  • Your goals.
  • Explain what tools or techniques you have already used.

Browse through other discussions.

While you wait for input on your post:

  • ask questions,
  • offer tips, ideas, and strategies for others,
  • browse through categories and share your experiences,
  • make suggestions based on what's worked for you, and
  • offer solutions and feedback to other members.

Continue to share your experiences and review the suggestions given to you.

Test the new ideas, strategies, and insight you receive.

After you test the ideas:

  • visit the community,
  • share the actions you took,
  • the fears you faced, and
  • what you learned from the changes you made.


  • What worked well,
  • What did not work, and
  • Your personal recommendations on the changes you incorporated.

Read and review how well your tips, tricks, and suggestions worked for others.

Continue the cycle of working remarkably.