We connect those who want to become better leaders. 

The purpose of The Playground is to offer a safe and supportive community where our proven experience-mastery framework, a continuous improvement system, will help you successfully lead in the ever changing world of work.

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    In the book Made to Stick, the authors talk about how firefighters swap stories after every fire and multiply their experiences exponentially.

    After years of hearing stories, they have a richer, more complete mental catalog of critical situations and have a better understanding of how to respond. They become better firefighters as a result.

    The Playground is a platform for corporate firefighters from Fortune 500 companies that connect, engage, and help each other become better leaders.

    If you join our exclusive community today, you will become part of a tribe that pays-it-forward through experiential sharing.

    By joining our community, you will instantly have access to:

    • A community of leaders from Fortune 500 companies
    • A toolbox of strategies and tips that have been tested by others
    • Access to different viewpoints that will help you sharpen your own
    • A home where you can test new ideas and learn how well they work
    • A classroom where you can learn from common pitfalls
    • A community that holds you accountable for your positive change
    • Productivity hacks that have worked for others

    Great leadership is not a two week course. It’s a daily practice. So, let’s begin!

     Our Mission 

     To change the way we lead and work

    Work is the only thing that gives substance to life.
    — Albert Einstein

    What we Believe

    • We believe in paying-it-forward.
    • We believe in those who help remove barriers.

    • We believe in taking advantage of opportunities.

    • We believe in the possibility mindset.

    • We believe in the now mindset.
    • We believe in the growth mindset.

    • We believe in the journey mindset.

    • We believe in the action mindset.

    • We believe in the experience mindset.

    Who are we?

    Ryan and Sangam's journey began in 2003 with this idea that every bummer at work is a opportunity in disguise. Ryan and Sangam together have over 20 years of experience working in multiple industries. Both of them are highly motivated to help others take action, embrace failure, and enjoy the process of creating leadership fulfillment and confidence through experience and mastery.


    Sangam Napit

    Sangam has worked in higher education, event planing, medical device manufacturing, and the oil and gas industry. He blogs regularly on the topics of design thinking, human centered design, and self-improvement.


    Ryan Kirk

    Ryan originally worked in nonprofits, working as an Executive Director before starting his own company. Currently, Ryan is a best-selling fiction author and owner of Waterstone Media, an independent publishing company.